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  • On The Page

    Access 6 films & scripts for practical screenwriting insights.
    • Gain valuable insights into script-to-screen transition
    • Enhance your understanding of the screenwriting process
    • A comprehensive learning experience to improve your skills
  • On The Timeline

    Unlock 9 exclusive films for hands-on editing practice
    • Exclusive access to nine diverse short films
    • Practical examples for applying course concepts
    • Enhanced editing skills through real-world application
    • Versatility in editing genres and styles
    • Empowerment for your personal editing projects
  • On The Visuals

    Gain practical skills with project files, lists, and eBook for real-world After Effects projects
    • Reference eBook included for comprehensive understanding
    • Hands-on opportunities to apply course techniques
    • Enhance skills in After Effects through real-world projects.
    • Bridge the gap between theory and practical application
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