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Course Overview

Welcome to the video editing course. It is an online course designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the art and techniques behind film editing. Whether you're a budding filmmaker, aspiring editor, or simply a film enthusiast looking to gain insight into the magic that happens in the editing room, this course is perfect for you!


course duration

2 hours and  27 minutes course content

1 hour and  11 minutes  short film content

Total time:

3 hours and 38 minutes 

Course Content

  1. When do you cut?

  2. Editing a short film from start to finish

  3. Dialogue and Shot Selection

  4. Utilising patterns in editing

  5. The Kuleshov Effect and Kineaesthetic Emotion

  6. Editing according to genre conventions

  7. Editing a short film for 'My Rode Reel'

  8. Editing with intention in an experimental short film

  9. Bonus: Mimicking the editing style of reality TV

Course Benefits

As part of this course, you will have exclusive access to nine different short films representing various genres, styles, and storytelling approaches. These films will serve as practical examples for you to apply the concepts and techniques learned throughout the course to allow you to apply them to your own editing journeys.

Course Requirements

To fully engage with this course, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of filmmaking concepts and access to a computer with the Premiere Pro video editing software. However, beginners with a passion for film editing are also welcome to join and learn from scratch.

Sign up today and embark on an exciting journey into the art of film editing!

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